The Rococo cast iron radiator, with its distinctive elegance was one of the first decorative radiators produced in the 1890s. First produced in France, it was also produced in England and in the United States. Its charm with these interlacing and this unique scalloped detail “with ears” and its flared feet bring to the rest of the cast iron radiator a neat decoration.

These radiators, which are also the most common in decorated radiators – due to their immense success – are available in 2 and three columns. More rarely, old ones, of American production, can have only one column.

The rococo cast iron radiator remains a very beautiful decorative element and provides pleasant warmth due to the inertia of the cast iron that composes it.

We have various models available and we can calculate the power required and therefore the dimensioning of your radiators after receiving the dimensions of your parts (in cubic volume).