Traditionnally french, the cement tile has continued to evolve for two centuries and cement tiles also called encaustic tile still has a bright future in our houses. Whether installed in a modern bathroom or in a cute kitchen, the encaustic tile will delight you.

The manufacturing of cement tiles requires methodical and meticulous work.

We propose you a short video that will allow you to see the way the tiles are made. This French tradition has been perpetuated thanks to the old colonies: we still find manufacturers in the North of Morocco and in Vietnam. The quality of cement tiles does not only depend on the care taken in their manufacture but also on the quality of the sand and the type of cement used. Unlike terracotta floor tiles, cement tiles are dried in the sun for several weeks.

Cement tiles can be used for lobbies, bathrooms. The encaustic  tiles are relevant floor covering because of their variety  which make them a timeless decoration material.

Our cement tiles and our old (renewed)  tiles retain an artisanal aspect: the nuance of the color is typical of old tiles or old cement tiles. Sometimes called mosaic tiles for their huge variety of colors: they can also be made in the colors of your choice. The cement tiles can be made in different sizes : 20 cm X 20 cm or 15 cm X 15 cm but also in other geometric formats for a more modern effect or for a optical illusion effect ( trompe l’oeil effect) . Sometimes the height between the wooden floor  and the cement tiles is a problem; in order to offer a solution we propose you a range of 12 mm thick cement tiles instead of 16 mm thick tiles that we offer in a wider range.

Installation and maintenance of cement tiles

The laying of cement tiles is generally done with lost joints or with joints of maximum 2 mm. Indeed, a too thick joint would “damage” the continuous harmony of the drawing. Aside from that, an old or modern cement tile is laid the same way as a ceramic tile. However, contrary to popular belief, a cement tile is no more fragile than another floor covering. Just apply a water repellent (several passes) until saturation. Then you just need to wipe off the excess and your pretty cement tile will be ready !

Online purchase of cement tiles or order by email

For any order of tiles, we invite you to contact us to check the stock of available tiles. We also have a stock of old cleaned cement tiles; the prices of old cement tiles and floor tiles varies :  depending on the formats and the complexity of the patterns. Contemporary cement tiles, modern home interior tiles or bathroom tiles, old tiles, wall tiles for kitchen splashboards, we offer you a wide range of encaustic tiles.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the maintenance of cement tiles, we will offer maintenance products for our entire range of cement tiles.

We regularly have “special sales” of cement tiles and promotions !

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