Designating a decorative tile, the zellige comes from the Middle East. In Arabic, the term “zellij” means tiling and is characteristic of the Maghreb culture. Besides, we very often see them on Arab monuments and palaces, especially in Andalusia (Spain) and Morocco. It was available only with shades of brown and white when it first appeared in Morocco. Since then, there has been a clear evolution to fit with the modern decorative style while keeping a traditional art design.

Today, different ranges of colors are available including, red, green, yellow, brown or even blue. For its manufacture, it is done in a handcraft way. Craftsmen only use basic materials and rudimentary tools such as a hammer, an oven, a board, mineral dyes and clay. The manufacturing process is quite long, because we have to prepare the structure to have a first shaping, before proceeding to the enameling.

What are the different characteristics of zelliges?

Showed in an irregular shape, the zelliges offer an artisanal and original style. You can discover multiple shapes, square, star, cross … However, it is possible to keep its natural shape or to enamel it with a thickness of 2 cm. Regarding its dimensions, we can find models from 2 x 2 cm to 22 x 22 cm.

What is the point of choosing Moroccan zelliges rather than another tile?

Very popular in Europe, zelliges arriving in Europe are generally of poor quality. Indeed, most of those typical Moroccan tiles are made in Vietnam or China. Those zelliges tiles have not to be compared to morrocan zelliges and we see that those manufacturers do not have the same know-how as Moroccan craftsmen. Besides, if we compare the zelliges of traditional tiles, we can see that they are more genuine and each piece in unique. In addition to the ecological manufacturing process they offer, unlike a classic tile, our. zelliges fit perfectly in any space and bring a touch of originality.

The color range that we offer is extended to 36 shades. The size of the proposed zelliges is 7 cm x 7 cm and even 10 cm X 10 cm (thickness 10 mm) You will appreciate the zellige tiles in the form of patchwork, in a shower or in a kitchen, check our online stock and choose your model.

Why choose zelliges?

These colorful terracotta tiles are very popular due to their complete homemade side, but also for the easy way to maintain them but also because of the large ragne of colours. Indeed, the heat of cooking will give a particular tone to each zellige. Consequently, a zellige is a unique product!

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